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  • From our first year in business to the present, Heidi and her firm have consistently been an integral part of our success. She and her staff not only understand the many mechanisms and complexities of financial issues, but also have a keen understanding of OUR business. This has helped not only in mapping our growth, but has allowed us to offer resources which extend to our clients’ success.–Gerry Frank, CEO,
    Frank Strategic Marketing

  • We have been very impressed with the high level of service performed by Heidi and her associates. We are particularly impressed with her company's utilization of the latest business technologies to enhance her clients’ ability to make the best decisions. ACCTCITE efficiently processes financial information and then takes the extra step to assist their clients' understanding and response to important information and resource requirements.–Christopher Matthews, Partner, Squire Lemkin & O'Brien, LLP

  • We first employed Heidi in 1997 as a temporary replacement while the person responsible for our financial duties was on extended medical leave. We were so pleased with Heidi’s expertise, professionalism and positive contribution that we continue to use Heidi and ACCTCITE on a bi-weekly basis to significantly augment our staff and to serve as an expert backup who is familiar with our systems.–George V. Veise, Jr., President, SPN, Inc.